How We Defied Gravity and Created Love, Lusie

30th June 2016 – The day Love, Lusie officially came to be.


We wanted something unique, something no one has ever done before and something that is native to us.

Tuhau was the first inspiration for the brand. It’s essentially a type of wild ginger called Etlingera (E.coccinea) most commonly found in jungles of North Borneo and enjoyed as a traditional food by the Kadazandusun tribe.

With new discoveries about the benefits of this humble indigenous plant (like the fact that it’s full of antioxidants!), we knew we had to make this plant famous but because of its strong and unique smell, not everyone will enjoy eating it.

But we figured that it was time to introduce it to the world.. why not in the form of body scrubs!

2. Love, Lusie


Lusie is short for Lusinah, who is the grandmother of the founders of this brand. It’s only fit that the name of a strong and inspiring Kadazan woman represents the root of this brand.

3. Natural

Our brand makes food for the skin and we use natural and beneficial ingredients without preservatives and harmful chemicals. In addition to that, we personally test out all products ourselves so you can say that we are animal-cruelty free 😉




First look at Love,Lusie’s Natural Body Scrub

Check out our online store at lovelusie.com or you can Whatsapp us at +6018-929 6160 to order.

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